Ode to Betsey

Yesterday I got my 4th tattoo and this one has to be the most bad-a$$ of them all (it's my first color tattoo).

Before I get into it let me walk you through the history of tattoos ...

1. - is on My Wrist and by the Far the Most Special of Them All -- It's Sentimental and All That Happy Jazz but It Also Started the Chain Reaction That Happens when You Get Tattoos ... You Want More and More!

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2. - on Hip Area. the Symbol for Scorpio (little M with the Arrow). I Am Way into Astrology and I Am a Hardcore Scorpio ... so Watch out Bitches

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3. - 5 Stars on My Stomach. I Guess It Was Still in Line with the Whole Astrology Thing plus I Wanted Something on My Stomach to Constantly Remind Me to Keep My Stomach from Turing into a Hot Mess. No One Wants Staaaaaars (= Stretched out Star Tattoo)

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and now ....

4. - Rose on My Back. This Rose is Based off of the Roses That Betsey Johnson Uses on Her Prints. You Know I Am a Die Hard Betsey Girl for Life and Now Its Printed on My Back! I Am Going to Expand on This Tattoo Soon by Adding a Few Rose Buds Trailing down from My Shoulder

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So yeah, I am crazy but I freaking love this tattoo! It took about an hour to get done and the guy was great. For any fellow LA girls I got it done (and 3 out of my 4 tattoos) at Studio City Tattoo. Noah did my tattoo -- he was great.

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