Obama's Secrets and More Gossip ...

good evening! i'm sure by now you've already heard the sad news that broke today via the cover of the latest **national enquirer** about patrick swayze who is battling pancreatic cancer and might not have long to live but his doctor made a statement today saying he was responding to treatment - so please keep your fingers crossed for patrick and his wife lisa niemi (of 32 years - a very long time in hollywood!) i used to love mr. swayze in dirty dancing - i've probably seen it at least 100 times - although i never made it to see the 'dirty dancing tour'! (but i did wear out the soundtrack back in the day - i adored that song where it goes 'how do you call your loverboy?')

there's also secrets spilling out about possible democratic presidential nominee barack obama (a friendship w/ a terrorist, a money deal with a felon, and screaming at his wife over other women...) i'm beyond thrilled hillary clinton came out on top last night but the nomination remains up in the air for probably a few more weeks - i'd love to have them both in the white house (aka the dream ticket) she should be president and he can be vice president (oh enough about politics...i've been enjoying keeping up with this election yet overall i completely loathe the topic)

of course**britney spears** made the cover featuring more drama between her and adnan ghalib...and at the bottom star jones is still dealing with her rumored gay husband al reynolds who she supposedly kicked out after a big fight - whether he's gay or not - i don't see that relationship lasting forever! i mean seriously - could you (or anyone for that matter) deal with star jones everyday for the rest of your life? if he wasn't gay before...he's probably gay now! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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