Oasis do a 'Macy' with Their Jimmy Choo-alike Sale Sandals


I love a good game of spot the difference. Right now I'd be drawing a little circle around the platform sole of the right shoe, and noting the blindingly obvious fact that one sandal is blue and the other is black. Maybe I'd circle the heel too, since one is more spindly than the other. And the label of course. But then I'd be a little bit stuck. You see, Oasis have done such a good job of replicating the classic Jimmy Choo 'Macy' sandal that even I'd have to look twice if I saw them on the street. The biggest difference? About ยฃ350. The original designer offering will set you back ยฃ375. Oasis have put theirs in the sale for ยฃ25. Good news if you're a size 36!