NYC & Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

I literally hit NYC with my feet running.

Not that I wanted it that way.

It was one of those "meant to be" moments. I got to my little Upper West Side pad (I call it my prison cell, it's that small. I'm not kidding,) only to find out that 'permanent tenants' are being evicted (that would be me) in place of the tourist turn-around.

Literally in 2 days, I called my girlfriend who 'just happened' to be looking for a roommate in hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in 1 day to pack, and 1 day to rent a car and two trips across the Brooklyn Bridge later, I was in a new pad. Whew! Bruises, and a bit sore, but I gotta admit it was the most painless move I've ever done. The drive through NY was amazing... thought I'd be scared to death, but I had a blast. My girlfriend though on the other hand referred to it more as 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride' but we won't go there.......

So here I am in a super cool apartment, free dsl internet (had dial up before: can I just say ZZZZZZZZ) and a few subway stops away from my beloved Manhattan.

Boy, when the universe wants you to do something, it means it!

This trip to New York came about because a personal client hired me to do makeup for her wedding for her and her bridesmaids. Best part? It will be on the Style Network's 'Whose Wedding is it Anyway" in March 2006. Yep, they taped me and my assistant working away and for all I know, they'll just show the back of my hand brushing, glossing and primping away. Yep, that would be my hand.

I've been playing with a new cosmetic goodie that I truly didn't think would be that great, but low and behold, it is. And a few new makeup goodies that I'm playing with right now to get the lowdown for you.

Stay tuned!

And don't worry about the Big Apple. I won't take TOO big of a bite!


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