NY: Your Eyebrows Should Be ...

"Your Eyebrows should be as fashionable as you are!"
For my NY readers:

My eyebrows services are
coming to a salon near you!

"**The Model Eyebrow**" Service

Creates the perfect eyebrow that can immediately go out on the town, or back to work without any client touch ups required. Leave the salon with eyebrows completely polished and ready to be seen with a complete eyebrow, highlight and shadow application.

For those not wishing for a made up touch, "**The Clean Eyebrow**" is available with customized shaping & tweezing only.

I don't believe in needing to do major over tweezing or waxing to create a beautiful eyebrow. Sometimes it just takes a few hairs to remove to create the perfect balance. For the eyebrows not only balance your eyes, they balance your bone structure.

So don't worry about eyebrows being tweezed to nothing. I've done dramatic results in just a few hairs being tweezed and that's it. It's all about creating the perfect line and balance with your face shape.

See you there!

The Eyebrow Bar @
433 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

718 788 SUDS
Saturday - Sunday
By Appointment Only

Slope Suds Salon has been seen
on Cotourture & Time Out New York Magazine.

For more info:
Eyebrow Specialist

about elke:
Her beautiful makeup work is seen in major fashion and beauty editorials and on the runways of New York and Los Angeles. Her eyebrow work has been seen on major celebrities with her Signature "Model Eyebrow" and applied on top models from major modeling agencies in Los Angeles and New York.

With a very private clientele in Los Angeles, now her personalized eyebrow services are available also to clients in New York.

Alexandra Paul

Nadiya from Major Model Management

Jolene from Photogenics Modeling Agency

718 788 SUDS

433 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215


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