NY Fashion Week: Rag & Bone

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Rag & Bone began their company in 2001 out of the mutual frustration of not being able to find great clothes. They also felt that the way in which our clothes are made can be done better. Their goal was to create beautiful fashions that kept good manufacturing practices in mind. Practices that didn't harm the environment and that didn't compromise labor laws. All of their fashions are created with those conscientious practices in mind. Clothing designed and created with such high morals has to be good.

The show was excellent; beautiful designs, clean color palette, and gorgeous models (including male models in suits). The main colors in the show were black, white, and shades of gray (surprise, surprise). Rag & Bone did manage to add a splash of color with a bit of powder blue which was nice touch. There is definitely a black, white and gray color story trend in the making for Spring 2008. Many designers have opted for that particular color story so it is interesting to see how each designer executes that palette.

Rag & Bone translated the colors (or lack there of) in an updated-classic manner with suits and clean lines. If I had to give a name to the collection, it would be "Conservatives Gone Wild." There were naughty boys in suits, sexy models in reading glasses, and neckties were begging to be ripped off. Of course all of this sexuality was cleverly executed, nothing was overly sexy but it just kind of worked out that way.

Overall rating: Is it hot in here or is it just me? A clothing line to feel good about, inside and out.
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