Now Even Your Laptop Can Be Stylish


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You keep up with trends, buy nice-looking clothes, and have a great sense for interior decorating -- but, no matter how stylish the rest of your life is, your computer still looks like a plastic piece of sci-fi, techno gadgetry. Sound familiar?

Admittedly, some of us like the fact that our computer looks like a gadget -- because that's what it is -- but others want something with more glitz and glam. Enter the Hello Kitty laptop.

The new pink, glittery computer went on sale in Japan on Wednesday, in an attempt by NEC Corp to target working women. Currently -- at least in Japan -- "PC users tend to be men," but the company believes that this product might turn the tide.

Women = pink + glitter + Hello Kitty? Seems a tad stereotypical to me, but, according to its manufacturer, sales are already off to a good start.

Currently the product is only available in Japan, although, you can bet if it sells well that we'll be seeing an American version in the near future.

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