Now All Your Clothes Can Hold an IPod Nano


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Ever wish you could walk around (or jog, or whatever) with your iPod nano, but don't like holding it, and are appalled by those ugly armbands Nike makes? Fortunately for you, a new clip makes it possible to wear your iPod with anything.

The secret is ModYFire iWear. It's essentially a little clip, designed by Peter Zaolt Korean, that can hold your iPod through any item of clothing.

My favorite suggestion on how to wear the device is definitely the guy at right in white turtleneck. He looks like one of the pilots from Starfighter -- that dorky 80s movie about how some high school guy kid saves the world aliens and total destruction.

While it'd be a bargain at any price, at $25 a piece, the iWear clip is well within everyone iPod owner's price range.

Plus, you can look like a sci-fi action hero -- bonus!

[via Gizmodo]

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