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**Notify Absinthe Wide Leg Jeans


I tend to shy away from wide-leg pants, but these tickle my fancy. They aren’t exaggeratedly wide, but that’s not the only reason why I favor them. They’re jeans all right, but yet they look dressy. Granted, the shoe you wear them is a huge part of the equation. Honestly I’m afraid to say this, but I’ll say it anyway- these look so good, that you should be able to pull them off at the office. There, I said it. But do wear these with caution- I certainly don’t want you to get reprimanded by your boss, so maybe flaunt these on Casual Friday day or something.

Spice them up with a dressy top- and yes that even includes a cropped jacket or blazer. Aside from that, I think the shoe is probably the most important factor in making or breaking these jeans. Unless you want to play them down with Converse sneakers, I highly suggest you play them up with boots, heels or flats. Capiche? Capiche.