Nokia 3109 Classic Unleashed

Nokia tends to release cellphones that are extremely different in design whenever a new model is launched, breaking the monotony which can be refreshing yet disconcerting. The 3109 Classic is the latest handset from the Finnish cellphone manufacturer, aiming to bring a strict balance between entry level features and some higher end functions. What you get with the 3109 include Bluetooth connectivity, a microSD memory card slot to enhance your portable MP3 player experience, an e-mail client, and a speakerphone. What you won't get is a digital camera - a strange decision in this day and age, relegating this to a cellphone for companies who are afraid of their employees stealing data visually using the integrated camera.

Battery life for the Nokia 3109 Classic stands at 4 hours of talk time and a whopping 16 days on standby, although expect real time usage to be far lower than the quoted figures. Chances are this handset will remain an Europe-only cellphone, retailing for approximately $189 before taxes when launched.

Source: Electronista

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