Nike to Roll out IPod Nano Integration on All Shoes by End of Year

Avid followers of our gorgeous Katie Lee will remember one of her first videos where she donned a special pair of Nikes and an iPod Nano in a remarkably dangerous and sweaty review - the things this girl does in the name of work! Nike have just announced that by the end of the year all their running shoes will incorporate the Nike+ technology she tested in the video which allows users to track their time, distance, pace, and calories burned with the iPod Nano. This is great news for the fitness-bods amongst us, as this will hopefully lower the cost of the technology, and obviously offer a wider (and more stylish) range of shoes to choose from. (via Pocket Lint). The technology, comprising of the Nano receiver and shoe widget costs $29/£19 currently and you can see the range of available Nike+ Ready running shoes on the Nike+ website. I can just imagine Steve Jobs rubbing his hands a la Mr. Burns-style, murmuring 'excellent', as he imagines all the fresh iPod converts this deal will create.


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