Nicole Richie in 'wears Same Dress Twice' Shocker!


Riddle me this, fashion fans. Is Nicole Richie wearing a longer version of her favourite Michelle Mason halter dress, or is she really that tiny compared to the model? In a perfect example of how different something can look in 'real life' (and I use that term loosely) compared to the catwalk, a dress which hits mid calf on a model absolutely drowns Ms Richie, skimming the floor. Now, I'm not going to get into the whole size zero debate yet again...but her height does go some way to explaining why she weighs the same as a couple of bags of sugar. I could still snap her skinny wrist if I gave it a yank, though.

The dress in question is yours for $264 at Famous Fashions Found, and can be worn (as Nicole shows) with the neckline arranged in two ways, thanks to a removable knot.

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