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New Years Resolution of a Mineral Makeup Addict

By -Mineral

Photo : Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I posted, sorry for the circumstances that unabled me to posts. I still have reviews to post, and brands to feature, and they will all be done during 2007 already. Well, as the year ends, I reflect, that this has been one of the best years of my life, because I have discovered mineral makeup.

Some people might think it’s shallow, but for me , it’s definitely not. Mineral makeup brought about many positive things in my life. It shattered all my walls of insecurity inside of me, and brought out a new, confident, and happy me - someone happy with oneself. Mineral makeup can certainly do wonders! No more sad faces, and frustrations on getting the right shade. No more too much spending on makeup ( boy, they are economical! ). No more ” would this work?” worries, and no more worries of a wrinkly face for tomorrow or more breakouts. Mineral makeup, liberated me. And I think , that it has liberated and changed alot of women.

I do not feel self conscious anymore, and feel so beautiful everyday with it on, as my skin begins to improve as I momentarily cover it with such flawless finish, that no one ever knows my lil secret with my skin, and they might never know my skin problem because mineral makeup helps my skin heal by not contradicting the healing process of skin care - mineral makeup, is skin care makeup!

And just a weird thought, someone really oughta write a Psychology paper on how mineral makeup affects women. Because really, it does. I am one living proof that mineral makeup can change a person - in a very very positive way. Positive vibes are shooting and radiating from inside of me, and I am already a changed person, ready to face the world, and preach to the world how much I love mineral makeup! They say that 80% of women in this certain country don’t think that they’re beautiful, well, I’m one less of them. And certainly, mineral makeup girls like me feel the same way, I bet!

So, what are my New Year’s Resolutions?

Table of contents:

  1. try more mineral makeup brands! no rehab for me, happily! no one’s taking away my happy pill!
  2. find more friends to preach the word of mineral makeup to. maybe i can help save the world by doing this!
  3. do more makeovers to friends who would want to be dazzled by mineral makeup. gosh, generosity at its best!
  4. research more on mineral makeup brands and its ingredients - gotta be keen on ingredients!
  5. try to make my own mineral makeup! - well, let’s see! haha!

1 Try More Mineral Makeup Brands! No Rehab for Me, Happily! No One’s Taking Away My Happy Pill!

2 Find More Friends to Preach the Word of Mineral Makeup to. Maybe I Can Help save the World by Doing This!

3 Do More Makeovers to Friends Who Would Want to Be Dazzled by Mineral Makeup. Gosh, Generosity at Its Best!

4 Research more on mineral makeup brands and its ingredients - gotta be keen on ingredients!

5 Try to Make My Own Mineral Makeup! - Well, Let’s See! Haha!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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