New Shoes from Barneys ...

I was just cruising through the new Barney's shoe catalog and um ... hello gorgeous! Here are some of my favorites:

Martin Margiela Open Toe Knee Boot at Barneys New York

I just saw these boots in the latest Barney's shoe catalog. OMG. Love.

Wait ...


Not sure where I could wear these without running the risk of getting arrested but whatever, they are cool.
Prada Victorian Pump at Barneys New York
How fabulous are these? They might be more fabulous if they came in black or even navy but whatever.
Yves Saint Laurent Star Sandal at Barneys New York

In a word. Ridiculous. And for me "ridiculous" is a compliment. It's actually one of my new words to describe anything ... positive or negative.

I love all of the YSL star stuff and this pair of shoes is no exception.

Stella McCartney Satin T-Strap Sandal at Barneys New York

These shoes made me gasp and interrupt people working in my office. If they appreciated shoes as much as did they would totally understand my ridiculous behavior.


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