Does New Prada Look like a... Vagina to You Too?


I don't know about you, guys, but I do not like the new Fall-Winter 08/09 Prada Collection... Which is pretty odd, because it's Prada, for God's sake!

I do love things that stand out, but these ruffle details all over do not do the trick! It looks over the top and it all just does not work!

And apart from that, a gay and fabulous friend of mine Patrick said the other day that the new Prada bags and shoes with ruffle details remind him of a... vagina!!! Scary, huh? :)

But if you look at these Prada shoes for a while, they kind of do!

Either that or we both need a very good shrink! :)

And what about you guys, are you loving or hating the new Prada collection? Please, do share!

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