NEW: Lancome's Star Bronzers


Do you want a makeup artist to stop dead in her tracks? Just offer something that's easy to apply and glamorous. 'Star Bronzer' is just that.

Lancome STAR BRONZER Bronzing Highlighter

A beautiful shimmering liquid bronzer that's not too red, not too orange.. a soft golden bronze that works great for cheeks and eyes.. even lips with a little gloss over. Just apply a little where needed. Or you can mix this into your liquid foundation or sunscreen for an all over glow. Great for applying to legs or shoulders with your favorite moisturizer.

Lancome STAR Magic BRONZING BRUSH (for all skin tones)

For Face and Body.

Here's the ultimate in super convenience. It's a brush, bronzer and tint in one. You can't get any more glamorous than that. Lancome calls it the "one day" tan. You just sweep it on wherever you want, face or body.

And their latest:

Shimmering Papier Duo - Lip and Cheek Appliqu

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