New Features on Bag Bliss

November 16, 2007

New Features on Bag Bliss
[Image: Chanel Doomsday by a Russian artists]
Last night, well this morning at 3:am the idea popped in my head to add some new features to Bag Bliss. So I woke up my web designer and we created a few new features.

> Want more information on a certain designer bag? Now you can search for anything your heart desires by using the search box located in the upper right corner.

> Wondering how much other people love a certain bag or too busy to leave your full opinion in the comment section? Now you can rate for the bag by using the 5 heart scale located at the bottom of each post. So get rating!

> Wanna glance over some more detailed images? Also located at the bottom of each post is an image gallery, where I will start posting detailed images.

Fantastic! More sweet features surely to come soon, as well as on our sister sites The Fashion Row and The Bag Forum!

Have an idea? Drop it in our suggestion box. . .

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