New Eyeshadow


As I mentioned, I had a lipgloss that I wanted to exchange from Sephora that my mother in law had gotten for me for my birthday. I know myself and I know that I need sparkles. And I also know that given the opportunity, I will trade up in a makeup store. So I knew that I was going to get a sparkly eyeshadow. I have beeneyeballing "Dirt Bag" (why, why with the rude names?)by Too Faced (brown with gold sparkles) for years but for some reason have never bought it. While hunting, I came acrross this: The wet/dry eyeshadow by Vincent Longo in Concerto, black with silver sparkles. I will tell you why I love this. Yes, doi, it has sparkles, but it also is super soft and it is supremely blendable. But best of all, the sparkles really come through which is not common in a dark, sparkly shadow. I guess you can wear it wet, hence the name, but I haven't done that yet. I think I will be wearing this all winter long, but not with the Midnight Cowboy Rides again, or maybe I will. Who knows? I'm such a disco queen. [...]

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