New Designs to Find


I love MYSPACE! Not only can I find all of my lost friends from my young life as a Navy Brat, but I always seem to find the diamond's in the rough...otherwise known as a great New Designer Find. This week, I found a new designer from Cali that I have to SHARE:) The line is simply called, Love Jetsy. I love the concept for the company and the clothes! I love that the clothes look comfortable, yet can dress these pieces up or down...which is a MUST for me:) Also, the pieces have great names, like below are the "Hooded Caftan" and the "Love Boat" dress. The designer's theme for Love Jetsy is β€œI want every dress to be a love letter to the girl who wears it. This is for you. Love, Jetsy.” –Erin Boyle. This just makes the whole experience even more complete. Check for updates on Myspace [...]