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Need a New Blush

By Karen

If you’re anything like me I’m useless at reapplying my makeup, I can’t be bothered. I put it on once in the morning and then tend to avoid all mirrors for the rest of the day and I just pretend to myself that my makeup is still all on and looking perfect!

Well in reality my blusher and lipgloss are gone after the 1st cup of tea at 9.30am, and I’m looking very pasty and a bit anaemic. I’m currently using MAC Blush Creme and I adore it, it’s so easy to blend and apply and I love the colours but have found they don’t last too well.

I’ve just found Too Faced do one called Flushed Blushed Stick, and it’s two colours in one, and it has won a beauty award by Cosmo Girl.

It dries to a semi matte finish, and apparently lasts all day and into the night. Sounds like a miracle product I need to get my hands on. On the downside it is $22.50 so I need to find a way to justify it, hmmm let me think!! I’m normally good at justfying really expensive beauty products to myself. Ok I NEED it rather than just want it, as I’m fed up of looking so pale that I look ill, there done!

If you NEED one too you can get it direct from Too Faced.

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