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NARS Holiday Collection 2007 Siren Song ...

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It's not even Halloween and the holiday collections are rolling in! First we saw **Elizabeth Arden's holiday wares**, and now the **NARS collection, Siren Song,** has arrived.

I think the makeup on the model in the** promo shot** is horrid - looks like Uma Thurman as a corpse - but the actual collection is quite beautiful and there are a few things in particular that I can't wait to get my hands on.

I'm drooling over the lip gloss/lip stain duos; Sweet Dreams/Harlow is one of my all time favorite gloss combos and now that these double-ended wands are available with a gloss AND a stain, I'm in heaven. Moon Fleet gloss/Indian Red stain and Turkish Delight gloss/Sayonara stain will be mine imminently.

In other lip news, Bad Education lip gloss is another must have. This sheer crimson red would make a perfect holiday mouth.

Also: two new additions to the Nightlife shadow collection! Night Snow is sheer white with silver glitter and Night Rider is soft plum with silver glitter.

Here's the rundown on the whole collection, which is available now on the **NARS website**:• Balthazar Duo Eyeshadow (maize & saffron)• Violetta Duo Eyeshadow (smoky lavender & soft metallic violet)• Cheyenne Duo Eyeshadow (metallic sienna & gothic plum)• Rose Gitane Lip Gloss (sheer sangria)• Bad Education Lip Gloss (sheer crimson red)• Luster Blush (sheer golden apricot)• Viridiana Lipstick (semi-matte, rich burgundy)• Night Snow Eyeshadow (sheer white with silver glitter)• Night Rider (soft plum with silver glitter)• Metis/Victoire Lip Gloss/Stain Duo (sheer mulberry & plum brown)• Turkish Delight/Sayonara Lip Gloss/Stain Duo (pink sorbet & rose petal pink)• Sandpiper/Daredevil Lip Gloss/Stain Duo (shimmering amber coral & scarlet red)• Moon Fleet/Indian Red Lip Gloss/Stain Duo (sparkling platinum gold & scarlet)• Saratoga Nail Polish (ruby red with shimmer)• Perfecting Powder Sheets

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