Naomi Campbell: Movie Star?

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Now that's she's done with her community service and on the path to serenity, Naomi Campbell may be taking a new career turn. It seems the supermodel has recently agreed to take a lead role in a feature-length movie.

According to Vogue Paris, she'll be the starring actress in a romantic comedy called Bad Love. It follows the story of an actress who's unlucky in love (presumably, because she occasionally hurls blunt objects at unsuspecting suitors).

The movie won't be out until October or November, so there's plenty of time to speculate about whether or not it'll be any good. Personally, I'm not sure being a model has that much to do with being an actor. Sure, both have to be alluring in front of the camera, but so many of them just can't string a sentence together on screen without forced and wooden.

That said, I'll probably end up seeing it, so let's hope she's decent.
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