NanoNuno Umbrella Featured in Time's Best Inventions 2006

The NanoNuno umbrella has been nominated as one of the best inventions of 2006 by Time magazine. As I wrote previously, this umbrella does not allow moisture to penetrate through it's fabric, and hence there is no tedious drying to do after a walk in the rain.

The other equally interesting contenders in the clothing category are the Sphere Macro React tennis dress from Nike and the Hug Shirt from Cute Circuit. The tennis dress incorporates a fish scale pattern on it's back that swings open to release heat and moisture, ensuring that you stay cool and dry. The Hug Shirt, in contrast, keeps you warm by simulating the experience of being hugged by a loved one, using Bluetooth and mobile phone technologies.

Read more about these three inventions and many more at Time's website." />