’s, Guide to Sage Electronic Decisions

We all get it- Global Warming is happening. Outside of buying different light bulbs, what can be done? How do you wade through all the “green products” and make the most informed decisions possible? is a Consumer Electronics Association website aimed at demystifying the lush leafy world of electronic greenness.

The site is divided into 4 instructional sections of 4 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink.


This section contains an energy calculator that breaks down impact of various devices in your household such as TV, Notebook PC, DVD player, etc. It calculates, on a per average basis, how much it costs to have electronic devices in use, asleep, and off by the time increments you enter in. You may be surprised how much money a merely plugged in device can eat up.

An informative section is “Tips for saving energy.” A few of these include: buy items with the “ENERGY STAR” label (Energy Star is a joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy). Go digital on your thermostat. Unplug chargers once device is fully charged. Or my personal favorite- Ask your employer about working from home or a satellite business location to cut your commute. I can see it now, “Come on boss, it’s for the environment!” Well, maybe you will have better luck.

Other sections of “Reduce” include “Tips for extending the life of your electronics with proper care” and “Repair or replace?” The latter contains a link to Consumer Report’s “Fix it or Nix it?” which is a useful table identifying problems of many electronics and whether to keep ‘em or junk ‘em.


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