My Shape - Revolutionising Online Shopping

Despite customers buying US$9.6 billion worth of clothing online last year in the United States alone, many people will avoid buying clothes online for fear that it just won't fit. And I don't blame them because I am probably one of them. As someone who is 5"10 tall with no bottom or bust, extra long legs and arms I, like most women, struggle to find clothing that fits me properly. Luckily help is on its way with a new online venture called My Shape.

By allowing users the opportunity to provide their basic body dimensions and style preferences, My Shape automatically generates a selection of clothing that will fit them accordingly and hopefully suit their style. You may choose from seven different basic body shapes and then the site will offer to send you a free tape measure so that you can log your measurements into their system. Most of the clothing is fairly pricey but if you're getting it to correctly fit you without even trying it on then it may be worth it for some pieces.

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