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You gotta go over and say hi to Dena, my newest Blog Tenant!

Why? Today's her birthday! Happy birthday girl!

I for one know of birthday's so close to the holidays. In our family, the week of christmas is a crazy week for us. Why?

December 23rd is my Parents 52nd Wedding Anniversary. Can you believe it? Yep, soul mates if I ever saw. And still in love and laughing and being all kissy kissy and holding hands like teenagers...

Then there's Christmas Eve. The German tradition is that we celebrate on the Eve with opening presents. We also look forward to my mom's 'handed down for generations' family christmas punch of white wine, red wine, tea, orange juice and I don't remember what else. It's soooo good.

And another german tradition that we finally were able to talk my mom out of was, the christmas eve dinner of broth with liver dumplings (yep, you heard right, and yep, ewwwww!!!!) When we were little, we HATED it. Smelled up the kitchen and we dreaded it. But the tradition was you eat ho hum food christmas eve before the feast on Christmas Day. Still not sure if that's a german tradition or just my crazy parent's idea of one. Needless to say, it's one I will NOT be carrying on.

Then there's Christmas Day where we all sleep in, and a major Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.

But no, we're not done yet.

Then my Dad's birthday on December 27th.
See? It never ends.

So on Friday, I'll be off to the folks and back before New Years.

Have a great holiday everyone and Merry Christmas!


I've been playing with the new Wet & Wild's compacts of cream eyeshadows and lipglosses (see the eyeshadow palette?). Though the palette's are a pain to open, the creamy shadows are really pretty (check out the rust color, gorgeous on brown eyes) but in playing I discovered a cool little trick. Since cream anything just fades away or creases so quickly, switch it around. Apply your regular blushes and shadow eyeshadows first. Then apply your creams on top very lightly. You'll find the creams 'stick' to the shadow much better than to your skin. The trick is to apply just a touch and blend. If you apply too much at once, you get the dreaded, hard edges that won't blend in right. You'll find it lasts longer and you get the shimmery effect right where you want it, on top of your makeup....

You don't think I would leave without a beauty tip for ya, did you?


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