My Friends the Artists - Let Them Show You How


You most probably will have heard of The Stencil Library, well I am proud to say they are friends of mine and the other day I visited them to buy some paints for Ghost Furniture. Helen made me a giant cappuccino in their amazing Georgian Farmhouse. Now this is no ordinary Georgian Farmhouse it is a show house for their stenciling skills. Each month they take parties around the house and show them what can be done with their stencils. Now this isn't all. Helen has started a blog - Design Inspiration - and she is showing a room a week with full instructions on how to achieve the look.

I can't begin to tell you what this house is like, it's like stepping into another world. These are hugely talented people who are happy to show you just how they do it.

Don't think Gypsy caravans and painted buckets here The Stencil Library's stencils are works of art. Life size Greek columns, Gothic, Medieval, Art Nouveau, Art Deco even Marilyn Monroe stencils are all there.

Oh just go and take a look and don't forget Design Inspiration, you will thank me for this, honestly.

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