My Favorite Makeup Tips.

Someone asked me what my all-time favorite makeup tips were that I used on models for photo shoots. Here are a few of my favs that I picked up or discovered on my own:

1. Use mascara as liquid eyeliner

Using a fine eyeliner brush or a small angle eyebrow brush, apply mascara along the top lashes. It's easier to apply, dries and lasts all day long. And if you make a mistake while applying, easy. Just let it dry, and then with a dry Q-tip, rub off your mistake easily and try again. Also, if you're going to cry anytime soon, use the waterproof mascara.

2. Custom lipgloss

Tired, bored of the lip gloss colors you have? Make your own like we do. Grab that super cool multi fauceted eyeshadow powder, apply on lips, apply your clear lip gloss on top. Vioila. It's a brand new shade (and day!)

3. Amazing Lashes

Always on the lookout for that perfect mascara, I think I finally found it. Except it's not one, but two. Use two different mascaras for each coat and you'll get fantastic looking lashes every time. Don't ask me why, but it works.

4. And Thicker Lashes

Turn a weak, thin mascara into a lash dynamo. Just add powder. Between mascara coats, dust a light coat of loose powder with your fingertip or a Q-tip onto your lashes, and apply your 2nd mascara coat. Instant thick lashes regardless of what type of mascara it was.

5. Long lasting foundation

Tired of your foundation disappearing on you? Had it with shiny breakthroughs just minutes into your day? Don't blame your skin, blame the foundation. The culprit just might be a tad too much oil in your base. But don't toss it. Apply your foundation as always, and maybe just a tad bit more. Then with a clean kleenex folded into squares, lightly press into your skin. You'll see oil on your kleenex from the foundation, leaving behind just pure pigment on your skin. Results? Perfect coverage foundation that lasts alot longer. Blotting is not just for lipstick you know.

6. Cream blush

Is your favorite cream blush doing a fading number on you? Ah, it's not the blush, but your skin that's the culprit. If your skin type is on the dry side, or it's a cold day outside, you skin grabs moisture where ever it can: i.e. your cream blush. Just a few hours later and you're left with just a hint of the color that you applied. Fix it by applying a good facial moisturizer in your morning routine, or apply a light layer of vasaline or oil (virgin olive oil works great) on cheeks first. Moisture (as in your cream blush) sticks to moisture, so give it some first, for a long lasting blush.

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