My Baby is Thriving and so is Her Sister ...

Yesterday I heaved a great big sigh of relief when I opened an email from Karine who bought from me last year. She reported that my baby was thriving and had had a wonderful Christmas. I have been frightened to ask how things were going in case the answer was - not very well. Of course this is totally me being neurotic. Both wheredidyoubuythat and Bodie and Fou, it's sister site, are alive and kicking.

I love these new products at Bodie and Fou. The beautiful reproduction of an original font for holy water from the XVIII Century which was usually placed at the entrance of the Church, is stunning and I can just see it with ivy trailing from it. The glass dome is just my sort of thing as are those delightful kid's cushions in the shape of dogs and horses, complete with woolen manes.

As for wheredidyoubuythat it is due a little revamp and update and some exciting new products are to be added. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile I have shown my all time favourites, which are still available, just for old times sake.