Must-See Fashion Flick: Lagerfeld Confidential


courtesy of Film Forum

For less than the likely cost of a single button on a Chanel suit, you can buy a ticket to see the new documentary Lagerfeld Confidential. In it, designer Karl Lagerfeld, the German-born fashion genius who has ruled the revered House of Chanel since 1983, holds forth on life and fashion. His advice on both: focus on the present, don't dwell in the past, and be willing to adapt. Not given to introspection or self-analysis, Lagerfeld dismisses with a wave of his hand filmmaker Rodolphe Marconi's insistent questions regarding his sex life -- Lagerfeld's gay -- and past relationships. He's too busy sketching new designs, striding the runway after debuting a collection, shooting photos of Nicole Kidman and a barely-clad male model for Chanel ad campaigns, traveling the globe (often in a private jet) and sharing convivial meals with colleagues and friends. Over one such repast, old pal Princess Caroline of Monaco observes of living the high life, "After a while, you have to stop boozing and go to bed early." Lagerfeld nods sagely in agreement. (Lagerfeld Confidential is playing in New York City and opens across the country in coming weeks.) -