Must Haves for 2007 - Your Shopping List ...

I don't know about you but i'm sooo over winter right now. I don't know about you but i'm sooo over winter now and have just had one hell of a spring clean. During one of those 'I hate every item of clothing I own' days I completely obliterated my wardrobe. One pile for the bin, one pile for the charity shop, one pile for eBay (I'll post the link to my wardrobe clearance once everything is listed) and so on. I think perhaps I may have been a little too ruthless as now there's not much left, except for lots of empty, swinging wooden hangers.

So now it's time to go shopping. After much thought and research here's my definitive list for what's hot for 2007:

* and white. One of the easiest (and most chic) looks to create.

* Bright colours. Hot pink, electric blue, yellow, red, whatever. Vibrant is best.
* Sport couture. Sporty goes all luxurious.
* Prints: floral, polka dot, jungle/animal, retro, graphic, 60's inspired - as long as it's bold it's in.

* Tunics, empire, babydoll, swing, a-line, trapeze...whatever you wanna call it. This shape is most definitely IN. Team with skinny jeans or leggings and you seriously cannot go wrong.
* Short hemlines and mini-dresses.
* Metallics - especially silver, although gold will become more prominent in winter.

* Cropped jackets layered over over-sized t-shirts or tunics. If the jacket has a 'swing' shape then all the better.
* Peep toe flats.
* Skinny jeans and leggings refuse to go away and will remain right on trend for at least the remainder of 2007.
* Dresses, dresses and more dresses. Dresses will be everywhere!

For accessories BIG is BEST:~
* Chunky wedges
* Sky high platforms
* Large pendants on long chains
* Big sunnies
* Oversized bags

Come winter:~
Most of the above will see you right through until spring 2008. In my opinion fashion isn't moving so fast at the moment. We're seeing true trends, not just fads, which last for more than one season.
* Big patent bags
* Coloured tights
* Trench-style coats
* Lots of head to toe black - the little black shift dress will be huge!
* Masculine tailoring
* Grey, purple, berry and deep shades of red - some call it 'oxblood'

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