7 Must Have Polish Colors for Summer's Bare Toes ...

Summer is quickly approaching and with the warm weather, we enjoy the chance to wear flip flops and open toed sandals for several months. As much as I love flip flops, I absolutely hate it when I look down and see my toes in desperate need of a pedicure! There’s no way that I can have weekly pedicures, but I can do my own version at home and so can you. After scoping out the runways and the latest releases from my favorite polish brands, here is my official list of 7 must have polish colors for summer’s bare toes.

1. Trophy Wife by Essie

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Price: $7.79 at target.com
Essie is bringing sexy back with the “Trophy Wife” option. This rich aqua color is perfect for a day at the beach. It’s not your ordinary summer blue either; this polish has some serious shimmer going on!

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