MP3 Player and Speaker Set from Superdrug


I'll be the first to admit that Superdrug is not my first port of call when looking for gadgets. In fact, it probably wouldn't be my last port of call. Cotton buds, make-up, and painkillers? I'd drop by. But MP3 players with speakers? Not usually.

I have been proved foolhardy, however, for the pharma-beautical (I just made up a word!) chain is now stocking an MP3 player and speaker set in that most beloved of Shiny colours. You guessed it... pink!

For a mere £19.99, and available through their online store, you can buy a 128MB MP3 player (internal memory only, I'm afraid), and a speaker set that comes with two 2 watt speakers and a 6 watt subwoofer. You won't be partying all night with such low output and poor memory, but at that price, I'd be tempted to palm the MP3 player off on a young relative and keep the speakers for picnics in the garden whenever summer turns up.

The pack also includes headphones and a USB cable. No mention of proprietary software or computer compatibility, so I assume it's multi-platform drag and drop.

Product page

[Via Gadget Candy]

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