Movie Premiere Sunday!


This past Sunday, I had the great pleasure of making up Fionnula Flanagan for her movie premiere, "TransAmerica" with Desperate Housewife's Felicity Huffman.

CLICKto see the movie preview.

I met Fionnula a few years ago on a photo shoot for a magazine, and I had the pleasure of working on her for the "Ya Ya Sisterhood" movie premiere and press junket for that movie. I just adore her! Of course, all the press was about Felicity, but I did manage to find a few photos of her at the premiere ....doesn't she look beautiful? Fionnula plays Felicity's mom in the movie and as she puts it, "She's not a very nice lady!"

Fingers crossed, I'll be able to work with her for the New York premiere.... a great reason to get back to New York!


Maybelline XXL Volume + Length Waterproof Mascara

I love how amazing these new mascaras sound, with their new technology of a base coat application before your regular mascara to give major lashes. But my problem is, with my sensitive eyes, they always dry my eyes out, or worse, they don't look like anything on. Maybelline's newest might just do the trick.

In waterproof's blackest black, I tried this one out on the dehydrating flight back to N.Y. And I'm happy to report, this works great! Well, no major va-va-voom lashes like the ads show (do we really believe all that?), but no drying, and lashes that lasted for hours. I do notice that I get better results when i apply the whitish base coat between mascara applications, not before like advertised. I just get fuller, longer lashes that way. And it washes off easily, though at the end of the day I notice it does get a bit gummy. But no burning or tears upon removal. Hmm, so far so good!

Have you found a great duo-base/mascara combo?

Maybelline's XXL

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