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It's been far too long since someone sat down and put some serious artistic thought into peeing standing up. So it's great that this Italian sculptor realized that the urinal was way overdue for a redesign. Seriously, this is the most artful urinal design the world has ever seen -- not that there have been very many good ones. It seems like ever since Duchamp hung that urinal upside down in Paris, it's all been down hill -- until now.

Designer Massimiliano De Falco brings hints of origami into his very modern urinal design. It's called the Bat(h)man, and it has nothing to do with superheroes -- except maybe that maybe Bruce Wayne would probably put one in his mansion. I know I would, if I were him.

This welded-steel contraption would definitely enhance the style factor of the men's room. I would definitely consider putting a splash guard across the back of it though, or that wall is not going to be happy.

[via Core77]

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