1. Brynn Hartman

Brynn Hartman

Photo Credit: allin1dot.com

As if the suicide of one person isn’t tragic enough, Brynn Hartman took the life of her husband as well. While she may not have been very well known, most people enjoyed the numerous SNL skits and movies her husband performed in. Her husband was Phil Hartman. Brynn had hopes of becoming an actress herself one day. She moved to LA just so she could begin her acting career, but fell in love with Phil instead. Apparently Brynn had quite a temper and often drank to excess.

She came home inebriated one night and shot Phil as he slept in their bed. After confessing her crime to a friend, who then called 911, she locked herself in the bedroom with Phil’s body and shot herself. When the autopsy was concluded, results showed Brynn was not only drunk, but she had also consumed Zoloft, and cocaine.

Each of the 7 most tragic celebrity suicides mentioned above can’t really be placed in an order from least to most tragic. I think suicide is a horrible thing and wish people weren’t driven to such extremes. I know many people feel it’s the only way ‘out’. What’s the most recent celebrity suicide you remember hearing about?

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