5. Zoya Nail Polish

Price: $6.00 at amazon.com

The Statement:

Zoya Nail Polish, the longest wearing nail polishes available for natural nails is the brainchild of Zoya Reyzis who, as a pregnant aesthetician and salon owner in 1984, realized the need for a healthier and more durable solution. Today Zoya Nail Polish is available at the finest salons and spa's worldwide and frequently receives top ratings in fashion, health, and pregnancy magazines world wide. When asked why they chose Zoya Nail Polish, most people say " Amazing Color Selection" and "...amazing wear ...nothing compares on manicures and pedicures...". Made in the USA and packaged in exclusive custom made Italian glass and fine Spanish brushes.

My Opinion:

Packaged in such cute little bottles, these nail polishes never fail to make me smile. The colours are so Hawaiian...check out Kiki, Jinx and Aria! The polishes are good for your nails, apply really effortlessly, and last a while. You do need two coats, though.

My other favorites are the ones from Zoe Truth Fall 09 Collection, I haven't tried them yet, but they all look so yummy, don't they?

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