2. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

Price: Price: $23.00 at Chanel.com ****

**The Statement: **

Lips and nails make a seductive statement with a collection of trend-defining shades inspired by Midemoiselle Chanel's love of the colour black.

My Opinion:

This is a very classy nail polish, which applies enough in a single layer, dries fast and looks stunning. The creamy finish is enviable, and the colours are divine. Stick with creamy whites for the perfect office look and go for deep darks for those nights out!

I also couldn't but mention the limited edition from Paris-Moscou collection - the 3 fabulous nail colours I, unfortunately, wasn't able to try since they all were sold out. But don't you just love the colors? I am so smitten by Feu de Russie on the right!

If you like deep burgundy colours, you might also love these two shades from Chanel Brilliant Effects collection. The colours are: Cosmic Violine and Dazzling:

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