More New Moms Are Working


The “Census Bureau Report” revealed that more and more new mothers are returning to the labor force within a year after giving birth. In 1998, nearly 59 percent of new mothers were working, compared to 51 percent in 1988…. and 31 percent in 1976 - the first year the Census Bureau tracked such numbers.

No, not all of those 2.2 million women are working a “40-hour” week job! Many moms return to work with the option of having flexible schedules, telecommuting from home and running home-based businesses. With a tight labor market, more and more businesses are making it attractive for new mothers to return to work.

A report also found that the marital status of “working mothers” are affected — fortunately, for the better! Marital relationships have improved when new mothers take up part time jobs.

Moms, whatever you decision is, have fun!

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