Mirror This ...

Murakami is out, mirror is in.

Looking like a fancy piece of aluminum foil, the Monogram Mirror Vuitton collection is popping up on arms everywhere, as evidenced in the New York Times Style section this past weekend.

Unavailable online, and with waiting lists in the stores, the only place in New York you can get one is from a street vendor, not that I promote or suggest buying copies under any circumstances, they aren't even halfway decent looking.

This isn't even from the street, it's a supposedly better "mirror" version, the kind of thing often sold on eBay as authentic. It looks like a bathmat...a $200 bathmat.

As discovered when the Stephen Sprouse graffiti collection surpassed sales estimates in 2000 (was that the birth of the waiting list phenomenon?), nothing creates a buzz like being told, "sorry, you can't have one". It makes me wonder if the scarcity of Monogram Mirror is, in fact, artificial to keep it exclusive and sought after...not to mention spawning an "it" bag never hurt the sales of more accessible items.