Mills Says Goodbye on Dancing

Well, America, after six weeks Heather Mills (armed with a farewell speech), finally danced her way off of Dancing With the Stars. Call her what you will, but at least you can’t fault her for being unprepared.

After a harsh judging round Tuesday that followed Mills and pro partner Jonathan Roberts’ performance of the paso doble, Mills chalked up their off week to the fact that Mills dragged Roberts on a trans-Atlantic flight to London and back so Mills could see her young daughter. The performance was clearly disjointed and the theatrics too heavy, but color us surprised when Mills was eliminated instead of former Cheers star John Ratzenberger. Does the voting public not realize that it was this geezer’s time to go during week two?

In the most long and drawn out reality results show we’ve ever seen - and trust Us when we say ever - Tom Bergeron and his sidekick Samantha Harris eliminated Mills and Roberts. Hoping to capitalize on the last of her relatively scandal-free moment in the spotlight, Mills immediately whipped out her handwritten note and got to business. “I’d like to thank the Academy,” she begins. Give that girl a set of crocodile tears and she’d be good to go, saying goodbye to “all the girls in makeup, the orchestra….”

Thanking her pro Roberts, Mills explained to viewers that “once the dancers go out they’re not paid.” See what you did, Heather? You put that poor sweet boy out of a job! But rest assured, members of the extended Roberts family - Mills promised to “try to get him some great work.” My, my, my, Heather - is it always about money with you?

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