Michelle Williams' New Love?

Is** Michelle Williams** on the verge of finding her new love? Things are definitely looking up for the 28-year old actress and mom of Matilda Rose.

After going through the death of her daughter's father Heath Ledger, Matilda Rose's mom was recently spotted holding hands with Spike Jonze. According to Marie Claire UK, photogs caught the pair getting all mushy as they left the premiere of their latest film, Synecdoche.

Those who are wondering who Spike Jonze is – he's a director/producer who was previously married to Sofia Coppola. Spike was at the helm of the Oscar-nominated film "**Being John Malkovich**".

The amorous pair first met when Michelle auditioned for Spike way back in 2006. They met again on the set of the film which Spike produced.

Personally, I am really glad that things are finally looking up for Michelle after suffering an emotionally taxing year – with the death of Heath Ledger and all that. Here's hoping that this is the start of a good relationship between the two. Michelle definitely deserves to smile again.

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