Michael Kors Beverly Gator Watch Clutch

March 27, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Jennifer

Michael Kors Beverly Gator Watch Clutch
Everyone says that the watch is one of the first things that you notice when you go into a meeting (along with shoes). When you reach over to shake the others hand, you can’t help but look down and spot that solid piece of expensive wrist candy. This may be mostly true for males than females. Sure I check out the watch, but I also have to take a glance at the whole package before me: shoes, attire, jewelry and of course the handbag.

But what about a wristwatch clutch? Coming at you fresh, from the spring line up from designer Micheal Kors –who have you noticed has been focusing a lot more on handbags– it’s a clutch with a new unique twist. How many other designer’s out there traded in the norm materials for something different? I appreciate that.

It combines the masculinity of the wristwatch band and femininity of the classic alligator-embossed leather clutch in a refreshing lime green shade.

You can find the Michael Kors Beverly Gator Watch Clutch at Neiman Marcus

End Note: Want to see more wristwatch band bag trend? Check out Zac Posen’s Daisy Bag.

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