Maybelline XXL Curl Power Volume + Length Washable Microfiber Mascara - Expert Review

This Maybelline mascara promises big results! Let’s see if its super-sized talk can walk the walk…
Type of Mascara: Curling, Volumising & Lengthening
Colours Available: Very Black, Soft Black & Brownish Black
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
This mascara dramatically curls and extended lashes 45 degrees from root to tip. The formula gives lashes 12 hours of hold without clumping.
My Experience:
I was pleased to find I got amazing results even without completing the two-step procedure! The base-coat does give added thickening but without bothering I was able to achieve a beautiful upswept curl with definition and added length. Impressive! It wore well all day without the slightest smudge or flake. I love this mascara and if you like the novelty-factor of a two-step application, you will love it even more!
Overall Rating: Excellent
Price: $6.79 at
Do you find 2-step mascaras take too long to apply?

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