Maybelline Sky High Curves Waterproof Mascara - Expert Review

Maybelline claim this mascara is a high-flyer and will take your lashes to new heights. Seatbelts fastened and let’s check it out…
Type of Mascara: Waterproof, Curling & Lengthening
Colours Available: Very Black & Blackish Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
This lengthening and curling waterproof mascara sets lashes to a daring 30 degrees curve without clumps.
My Experience:
This mascara is very similar to the non-waterproof version. It creates a voluptuous curve and some added length. The waterproof formula is a lighter consistency and allows me to achieve better separation than the orginal, although it’s still far from perfect. Even after a swim, this mascara stays were it’s supposed to and maintained about 80% of the curl. I think if you are looking for affordable curls, then this is a good buy. However if separation is top of your list, there are better mascaras out there.
Overall Rating: Good
Price: $6.29 at
I tried the very black shade. Have you tried the brownish black? Did you like it?

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