Max Factor Lash Perfection Stretch & Separate Waterproof Mascara – Expert Review ...

Max Factor claim this waterproof mascara offers your lashes a helping hand allowing them to stretch the max and separate out into a glorious fan accentuating your eyes. We liked the sound of that! Time to test it out…
Type of Mascara: Lengthening
Colours Available: Rich Black & Black Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Get volumizing coverage that stands up to the elements. Our revolutionary flexible iFX brush defines lashes from root to tip, including the hard-to-reach inner and outer corners of the eye.
My Experience:
Having found the original lacking in volume ability, I doubted the waterproof version could offer my lashes anything. I wasn’t completely wrong but this mascara doesn’t perform well at volumising and so my lashes looked longer but it drew attention to the fact that I didn’t have many! I think this mascara would work better on naturally thick lashes, and would create a nice increase in length and separation. It did perform well as a waterproof mascara, no amount of tears or splashes will have it running! I’m sure this would be a great mascara for lots of women but it just doesn’t do my lashes any justice at all!
Overall Rating: Average
Price: $7.99
Have you tried this product? Did you find it created any volume?

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