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Max Azria Fall 2008

By Fashion

We should all get down to the gym because according to Max Azria we should all have tiny waists to fit into his many corseted belts on display with his Fall collection.

As with many of the other Fall collections the palette consisted of midnight blues, mustards, greys and beiges.

My favourite was the taffeta mocha ensemble on the top right. This folded detailing on the necklines was consistent with other pieces.

You can view the whole collection here.

Rihanna looks stunning as ever with her new crop do wearing a large checked shawl from Max Azria Fall 2007 collection.

Fergie decided to there was too much sun in the room.

The only thing I like on Brittany Murphy here is her Chanel pearls. Everything else for me is a mess, despite it all being black.

What happened to the vamp?

Rose McGowan is playing it rather cool and subdued these days. Has her new man mellowed her?

Joss Stone manages to pick one of the less flattering outfits from Maz Azria's Spring 2008 collection. She just can't get it right, which is why I will be continually baffled by her attendance at these shows.

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