Matthew Williamson Fall 2008


Oh MY God.

LOVE, Love, love.

I am totally in love with this collection. So far this fashion week we have seen so many browns, mauves, olives, blacks and other deep colours, so it was refreshing to see such a wonderful colourful collection. It had a very rockabilly edge to it but with luxurious textures and beautiful fur scarves.

Most of the collection was skirted, but there was the occasional trouser (3 out of 35 ensembles)

There were ultra-modern prints, new dress shapes, and coats that ranged from a navy patent shearling jackets to parka with a fur-trimmed hood.

Perfect for the Chelsea (NY & London) girl.

You can view the whole collection here.

Rihanna crop has taken on a very boyish look which I am not feeling here, but I love her Matthew Williamson top. Her orange shoes work much better here with the multi-coloured beading.

Holy Hot Mess.

Brittany Murphy takes over from Joss Stone, as the worst dressed person at Fashion Week.

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