Matilda Now Legal Heir to Heath Ledger's Estate ...

"There is no claim. Our family has gifted everything to Matilda," that's what **Heath Ledger's **father said to the News Ltd paper about where his late son's estate funds are headed.

Heath was only 28 when he died of accidental overdose this January, and he has a 2-year old daughter with actress Michelle Williams. Previously, it was Heath's parents and sisters who were named as the beneficiaries in his will.

But Heath's father revealed that they gifted**Heath's daughter Matilda** and Michelle with the estate – which has an estimated $16.6 million value.

I do think that since Matilda is Heath's only child, she does deserve to inherit the late actor's estate. Thank goodness Heath's family was generous enough to give the little girl – who Michelle said is looking more and more like her dad each day –what she rightfully deserves.

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