Matchmaking Service - do Online Relationships Work?

Matchmaking service - it is everywhere! Any newspaper, any magazine is full of its ads, not to mention numerous online agencies. What makes it so popular? Comptability tests, millions of profiles ... Is it just fun or do people really believe in finding their true love by means of a matchmaking service ?

Last weekend an old friend of mine, Jane, was getting married. We finally had a good chat the day before the wedding at our hen party : we talked about the Big Day, about men, about love. I told Jane that they were the happiest match I ever saw (it's not just words, they really are!) and that all the guests kept saying that they were just the perfect match. What Jane said to that was: "But we are! We are a perfect match". In her opinion, there was no wonder she had found the one, because she met Tom through a matchmaking agency and that was what the agency's specialists actually did- helped people find their soulmates!

Hmmm... matchmaking service? Why not?After considering the matter I came to the following conclusion: there were two relatively serious cons: it is not romantic and I am too young and attractive to go for such services. Other thoughts were pros like: if you meet smbd through a matchmaking agency, U can be sure that this date will not be a waste of time, because your personalities are compatible and U will not break up because of a trivial thing like dirty dishes a month later. To put it shortly, you see what you get right away, and U don't waste your life on building relationships that would never work anyway. Plus you can't deny the fact that the probability of meeting your Perfect one on the scale of the whole country or the whole world ( here is when romantic features appear:) is much higher than the probability to meet him in your own town with 30.000 population total ( minus women, children, married, retired, freaks etc.) Just think about it!

What the heck! I decided to try it and here is what I came to:

The first matchmaking service I found was Perfect Match . As a part of free registration there were some 8 pages of T/F questions to go through so that they could determine my character and my preferences as for my future partner. They called it Duet - their total compatibility system that helps to describe complete personality types that helps to find someone you'll be compatible with on the deepest level. Anyway, it took me about 10 minutes to accomplish it and at the end they showed me a pie chart with short descriptions of the types of men I'll be comfortable with. I found it quite useful for sometimes it is difficult to put in words what** exact kind of person you are looking for.

I wouldn't have probably gone any further with matchmaking service research and I would have prefered to stick to Perfect Match but for the remark on their homepage, where they mentioned an e-harmony - evidently, their major competitor. So, I decided to go and see what this was all about. After free registration I was told about the test to take - just as in Perfect Match. But the thing was that that questionnaire was longer and it took me about half an hour to go through it. But when I got the results, I didn't regret a single minute I spent on it. It gave me about 9 pages on my personality, expectations from relationships and a detailed description of a man that is my perfect match. The info I got was shockingly true and exact, although there were no direct questions concerning the matter in the questionnaire! This site went further, after giving my personal profile, they showed me 5 profiles of my potential perfect matches - according to the info in their profiles they all seemed to be perfect, I am serious :)!

Looks like today's matchmaking, based on psychological compatibility tests does work!

PS: Called Jane in the morning, she said that** they met through** Date on Meetic . May be your Mr. Perfect is already waiting out there for you too? Good luck to U: with matchmaking services or without them!

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